TVS Suzuki Shogun

TVS Suzuki Shogun .  This bike was launched after a great depression by TVS Suzuki India.
Since 1985 Yamaha rx 100 was the king of roads. No other motorcycle stood with it. Just to FAIL Yamaha rx 100, Suzuki Shogun was made. It is also believed that TVS Suzuki Company researched on Yamaha rx 100 and after that launched shogun.
Suzuki shogun was launched in 1993 and came till 2000, due to Euro 2 emission norms it was discontinued. The starting models had Euro 1 silencer and after that around 1997 it had Euro 2 or catalytic converter silencer or Cat Con.
It was designed in an Aerodynamic way, had a RPM meter, the engine and chassis was little heavier than Yamaha rx 100, had a light system to show the level of 2toil in the oil box.
Pickup is better than Yamaha rx 100 and yes we can call it a Yamaha rx killer.